How to add meta tags in blogger template for better SEO

How to add meta tags in blogger template
Meta Tags

Meta tag is the most important tag in html page which is used to optimize the page for search engines. Meta tags always goes inside the <head> element like this.

Meta tags

Meta tags not see by the users. It’s only useful for search engines. Read more about Meta tags. But in blogger templates the Meta tags are not implementing by default. So that many users manually write the Meta tags codes our blogger and it’s sometime difficult to write by users. So that I give a simple and fast solution to generate a Meta tags for blogger templates.

To generate a Meta tags fill form detail and click on “Create Meta tags” button

                                               -->>>>>            META TAG TOOL

After generating a Meta tags. You just copy the code and paste in our blogger template.

Steps:  To paste a code in blogger template.

Step:1  Sign in your blogger dashboard.

Step:2  Copy the Generated Code and Paste Below <head> Tag

Note: Meta tags insert between two codes.

Save the changes.
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