How To Remove The Blogger Nav bar Completely

A lot of peoples used to Host your own Blogs. But the default blogger templates comes with navigation bar. This navigation bar display top of the blogger template or it's not removable  If you don't like this navigation bar you can remove it with simple one line code.

How To Remove The Blogger Nav bar

Steps to remove Blogger Nav bar completely

1.  Login to your Blogger account and navigate to Layout > Edit HTML

2.  Find <body> tag

3.  Now add the Below code above <body> tag


4.  Now Save the Template. Confirm the Deletion by Clicking on the Delete Widgets Button

5.  Now your Navigation bar is completely removed.

Second Option:      If first not work

1.  Find the ]]></b:skin> tag

2.  And Replace the ]]></b:skin> tag with below tag

#navbar-iframe,#navbar { display: none !important; }

3.  Now Save the Template

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